Monday, January 12, 2004

Policing Norfolk-Style

According to the mighty Littlejohn, Tony Martin was leaving a pub when he was stopped and breathalysed by two officers who had been waiting for him 'following a tip-off'.

Looks like he may be a marked man for bringing Norfolk Police into disrepute. Chief Constable Ken Williams, who advised homeowners to shout in order to frighten away intruders, has said that "The Force has received hundreds of letters and e-mails following the conviction for murder of Emneth farmer Tony Martin. Many have questioned the Force's actions and some have been accusatory and even threatening in their content. In addition the Force has been inundated with abusive telephone calls. The criticism of the Force and myself has been strident and with regard to myself has been very personal."

You can see his comments here, in the now-deleted Norfolk Police page retrieved thanks to Internet Archive (the page appears blank - highlight or 'select all' to see text).

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