Wednesday, January 14, 2004

A Disgraceful Column

Littlejohn indulges in some outrageous stereotyping of Islamic 'militants', human rights lawyers and ex-Labour talk-show hosts.

"KILROY: My next guest is a young man, Ali, from Salford. He's just volunteered to go to work in Jerusalem as a suicide bomber. That's an interesting career choice.

ALI: I've always wanted to travel and kill Jews.

(AUDIENCE: Death to Israel! Death to The West!)

KILROY: Good for you, Ali. So many young people are prepared to sit around on their backsides these days. Not like when I was a young, working class lad in the West Midlands, before I became a famous TV personality and newspaper columnist. "

And in todays Times. Michael Gove ponders Tim Collins' resignation.

"The practices and customs that sustain an effective warrior ethos are under assault from political forces inimical to the nation's defence. Those forces, all central to the domestic agenda of Blairism, are the growth of the rights culture, an hostility to tradition and a public spending strategy driven by ideology rather than Britain's real needs."

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