Sunday, January 11, 2004

BBC ... BBC ...

For once, the Observer has hit the nail on the head. Kilroy-Silk is an ass. So is the BBC.

I've little original to say on this. It's all so predictable - the BBCs grovelling, Lynne Jones' *******, Trevor Phillips' idiocy (he claimed the article would 'give comfort to the weak-minded'. It's about time something was done for them, in my opinion). The only shock is Harry seating himself firmly on the fence.

The BBC spent the weekend apologising. Yesterday and today Radio 5 seemed to devote most of their non-sports coverage to it, wheeling out one pundit after another to criticise RKS, including a professor from Manchester who castigated RKS's ignorance but seemed herself to believe that the Sumerians and Mesopotamians of 5,000 years ago were Arabs.

Of course, Tom Paulin is still OK with the BBC.

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