Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hitch Nails It ...

Say to David Cameron that naughty children should be smacked at home and caned in school, that the police (and responsible adults) should be free to wallop louts and vandals caught in the act, that the police should return to preventive foot patrols, that prisons should be austere places of hard work, plain food and discipline without TV sets or semi-licit drugs, and that wrongdoers should be sent to them when they first take to crime, not when they are already habitual crooks, and he will throw up his well-tailored arms in horror at your barbarity.

Say to him that divorce should be made very difficult and that the state should be energetically in favour of stable, married families with fathers (and cease forthwith to subsidise families without fathers) and he will smirk patronisingly and regard you as a pitiable lunatic.

Say to him that mass immigration should be stopped and reversed, and that those who refuse any of the huge number of jobs which are then available should be denied benefits of any kind, and he will gibber in shock.

Yet he is ready to authorise the use of water cannon and plastic bullets on our streets (quite useless, as it happens, against this sort of outbreak) as if we were a Third World despotism.

Water cannon and plastic bullets indeed. What an utter admission of failure, that after 50 years of the most lavish welfare state in the solar system, you cannot govern your country without soaking the citizenry in cold water and bombarding them with missiles from a safe distance.

Here is an example of how little Cameron knows about Britain. He says that the criminals of August will face the ‘full force of the law’. What ‘force’?

The great majority of the looters, smashers, burners and muggers have not been arrested and never will be. Our long-enfeebled police were so useless at the start that thousands of crimes were committed with total impunity.

Now we know why they don’t call themselves ‘police forces’ any more. But they aren’t ‘services’ either, for they certainly don’t serve us or do what we want them to do, preferring to arrest us for defending ourselves. The criminals, who are cunning without being intelligent, all know this. They will wait for the next chance.

The loping, smirking, shuffling creeps who eventually appeared before the courts were the ultimate losers – the ones who came late to the looting and who were too slow or too stupid to run before they were put in the bag.

A good point about the arrests. The vanguard of the working class movement aka the first guys to actually smash the shutters down at PC World or Carphone Warehouse, were doing their deeds when the police had lost control of many streets early on Monday evening. I'd imagine the vast majority of these 'early adopters' got away with it (although CCTV may well nail some). An awful lot of arrests seem to have been of stragglers, people late to the party. And Little Miss Perfect, allegedly driving the getaway car with two other persons of pallor, was a lot safer stop-n-search for a couple of lone officers than a car full of Man Dem Crew. Say what you like about grammar schools, but we were taught not to shank the Feds.


Vladimir said...

As Hitch and yourself often seem to be saying similar things, I did wonder why he does not feature within your list of links? A disagreement about some substantial point, maybe? Just curious.

Mark said...

Hitch the Younger is certainly on a bit of a roll at the moment- the riots vindicate what he's been writing for the best part of the past decade.

He eyewitness piece in the MoS yesterday from the front line of Highbiry Corner magistrates court is also spot on in its clarity & acuity.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that smacking your kids when your a lone mum is a bad idea. It may not seem like a bad idea when they are under 13, but when they are over 13, already 6foot tall and built like a heavy-weight boxer than it can be a very bad idea indeed. I have known no-end of lone mums that are beaten by their sons. Not that anybody ever wants to look under that particular rock.

It is so much harder with young children to educate them on what is right and wrong than to simply force them to behave by physical force. Physical force also has the advantage that it quickly deals with the children leaving the lone mother free to make whooopeee with the new boyfriend. Women, after all, have a tendency to love the person most that enters their life last.

Anonymous said...

Those 'little miss Perfect's should be treated harshly for sure, and there is no excuse.
But its ridiculous the way the media are trying to portray those types as if they were in the vanguard of the assault.

Kay Burley doesn't want the truth from 'Big Jim'
Dunno why this guy is called big jim tho.

Quaggy Duck said...

Hitchins talks some sense in that article but he is wrong on a 'huge number of jobs' being available.

The Telegraph found in 2010 that 32 people were applying for every single job on offer in London.

Continued mass immigration isn't helping matters either.