Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Do You Call A Trustafarian In A Suit ?

Remarkably - nay, amazingly sensible chap is Judge Nicholas Price. I'm just not used to judges wth judgement :

Gilmour, who apologised afterwards for his behaviour, had claimed he had not realised the significance of the Cenotaph - an excuse the judge scoffed at.

"For a young man of your intelligence and education and background to profess to not know what the Cenotaph represents defies belief," he said.

That's a call any reasonably educated Brit could make. Say what you like about Oxbridge, their intake are neither dim nor ignorant. But judges these days seem to be chosen for their gullibility towards the defending counsel and scepticism towards the prosecution.

Remarkable sartorial transformation the law induces. From the tracksuited scally redeemed by a Burtons suit, to the twisted firestarter turned into what looks like an actuarial student.

As the prison gates clang shut, we should draw a veil over this lamentable and amazing episode*.

Fair play to Mr Gilmour Sr. though, standing by his adopted son as a father should. If people were unloved on the grounds that they were self-centred idiots, what a cold world this would be.

* at any rate until the stories of drunken parties and hot and cold running women start emerging from whichever open prison he's in - which will be a few months yet.


Ross said...

Charlie Gilmour is such a perfect caricature of the student movement*- stupid, spoiled, selfish and violent- that I swear he must have been invented by Conservative Central Office.

Laban said...

He does tick every box of the Student Grant stereotype, doesn't he?

Vladimir said...

Isn't the court just another part of that establishment which "broke the moral law"? How strange that all that anarchism should evaporate once called to account.

If this chap becomes some sort of leftie martyr, this hypocrisy should not be forgotten.

kb said...

This is pretty funny:!/GilmourCharlie

dearieme said...

Will Girton College boot him into the long grass?

Anonymous said...

If I got in involved in some violent behaviour for a cause I believe in it would strongly affect my ability to get a job if I was done and it was on my record. For him it will just make him more 'intersting'.

Mark said...

I did feel a twinge of sympathy for Charlie Gilmour when I learnt his sentence was identical to that dished out to this incorrigible scumbag from the 'travelling community', Ms Angelina Price:

Foxy Brown said...

From the tracksuited scally redeemed by a Burtons suit.

Makes me think of that old joke:
What do you call a Scouser in a suit?
The defendant.

Laurie Penny, alumna of Spunkbridge, believes Gilmour junior is a convenient scapegoat for the "student" movement, and that he really is just a confused and poor little rich boy. Apparently defacing the monument erected to honour the nation's war dead, and attempting to smash the windscreen of the vehicle carrying the monarch's heir are not serious crimes.

Planet Penny

Foxy Brown said...

I've come back to check on the development of this thread and realise that I posted my earlier comment without reading the title of the blog! Laban, you were referring to that old Scouse joke. I was in a bit of a rush, and made a couple of other mistakes - should read Jr./Jnr. and Monarch.