Wednesday, June 16, 2010

South Africa Are Too Honest

They really need to take a leaf out of the book of some other lesser footballing nations hosting the World Cup for the first time :

a) make sure the 'draw' for the groups puts you in a group with at least two minnows. How about the USA, Slovenia and Algeria, for example ? Instead, they've got the nearest thing to a Group of Death that this World Cup affords. Mexico, Uruguay and France, all of whom can play a bit. Arrange the draw in the style of Spain 1982.

b) make sure the refs are 'onside'. I'd take advice on this from South Korea.

Bit late for them now. The ANC Government may have plenty of corruption allegations swirling around senior figures, but when it came to the really important stuff they couldn't deliver. Of course the team have to do it on the pitch, but a lot can be done with good preparation and organisation to ensure that the host nation stays inside FIFA guidelines by qualifying for the knockout stages.

The emptying stadium with ten minutes left told its own story. Alas !


Ross said...

The most famous South African footballing enterprise before this tounament was the Mandela United Football Team, run by Winnie.

Anonymous said...

Can you be sent off for necklacing?

Anonymous said...

how dare you talk about elder mandela in that manner

mandela hating racists like you cause all the problems in ZA


Foxy Brown said...

My group of death is:

Ivory Coast &
N. Korea

Foxy Brown said...

I may have to revise that comment. I'm watching France v. Mexico, and the Mexicans are pretty nifty with the ball.

srmsofttech7 said...
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