Saturday, March 06, 2010

Glorify the Father, The Spirit And The Son

Recorded in Toddington Church, Gloucestershire, though I can't hear any steam trains.

Ex-Sinfonye operative Jocelyn Montgomery (nee West) has some impressive (if somewhat gothic - that Nick Cave has a lot to answer for) new music out - Salt Birds. Just be careful you don't head too far in this direction, m'dear. As Lovecraft would say 'that way lies madness and the void'.


Shlomo said...

Wonderful! Thanks, Laban!

Capitão Nascimento said...

Salt Birds é muito bom.

The other one makes me think of David Crosby - If only I could remember my name.

Check this out, you may not understand what she is singing about, but the I think the emotion transcends mere language:

Capitão Nascimento said...

This is what I was thinking of (or one of them anyway) Orleans from David Crosby's 1971 If Only I could Remember My Name Album:!v=DgkjOBvc10o&feature=related

and this one:!v=1J5BVKFA7eM&feature=related


Capitão Nascimento said...

That Salt Birds track has opened en entire new musical portal for me - Miranda Sex Garden, Mediaeval Baebes, Dark Wave, all sorts of weirdness.

Thanks for that.

I'm not sure I'd want my kids listening to some of it though. Much of it seems like music to self harm to. Fortunately, probably a bit too 'emo' for mine.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Hence my warning on madness and the void.

(Those bands are IMHO a resurgence of an early 70s proto-Goth style - girls in bands like Mellow Candle and Trees)