Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hmm. Chap gets shot in Oldham on 9th July - one Mohammed Junaid Khan. Suggestions that the killing might possibly be linked to another shooting - that of one Nasar Hussein in Salford the week before.

Now a Mr Amran Khan has opened his front door in Glodwick and been shot to death.

What exactly is going on up there ?


Futilitarian said...

The second reference gives us what some policewoman thinks of the case. The answer is within the "community".
Look, I'm in the "community", so are all you, so is everyone in the UK... but wait a minute, COULD she be referring to some other "community" - like some sci-fi nutter talking about "other universes"?
Oh, right then, it's the MOSLEM community. Then it's NOTHING to do with us at all, and we don't know the answer.
Official recognition of the fact that we're NOT all one big happy multicult omniracial harmonious crowd.
Let's import some MORE murderers!

Sgt Troy said...

Drugs you would imagine

Obviously the "community" dominate the heroin trade - 90% of which comes from Afghanistan

Sgt Troy said...

Talking about Afghanistan voting arrangements appear to very similar to "community" voting processses here

If one were to draw up a balance sheet of "enrichment" then the liability side would have a considerable number of entries.

But what of the asset side?

A balance sheet must balance of course and one can only concluded that the "asset" side is almost entirely made up of spin, lies and absurd propaganda

Rob said...

"Ch Supt Caroline Ball said she did not want to speculate on a motive."

Makes a change. Aren't you even going to tentatively float the idea of a racial motive, Caroline?

Sgt Troy said...

"Makes a change. Aren't you even going to tentatively float the idea of a racial motive, Caroline?"

She's probably fasting for Ramadan, showing solidarity with the "community"

Like the dupes at Whalley Range

JuliaM said...

Like Sgt Troy, my first guess is drugs.

The second is an inter-family/tribe feud. The origins of which may lie many years in the past, in another country - and probably involves a dead wench somewhere...;)

Anonymous said...

Julia - more likely a dead boy than a dead wench.

Quiet_Man said...

Possibly a dead goat, if not a wench or boy

Edwin Greenwood said...

The murky corner is dimly illuminated courtesy of the Asian News.

Anonymous said...

who cares? the sooner they al shoot each other, the better. the last one left could maybe blow himself up, please.