Monday, September 14, 2009

Abertawe News

via Edwin Greenwood, this wee tale.

Mass brawls broke out between Muslim and white groups on the streets of Swansea on the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Around 60 people were understood to have been involved in the two connected incidents outside Swansea City Mosque on St Helen's Road and Sin City nightclub on Friday night.

Police, who arrested two men, said they did not believe it was a racially-orientated crime.

Pah ! A Friday night skirmish. Far more important is this :

The ex-girlfriend of Ospreys star Mike Phillips has told of her heartbreak over his alleged relationship with chart-topper Duffy.

Former Miss Wales Claire Evans told a Sunday newspaper that she was devastated when the British Lion dumped her for the singer.

Miss Evans, aged 26, had been with the Ospreys' scrum half for eight months before the break-up.

"his alleged relationship with chart-topper Duffy". Hmm. Tall, powerfully built, strong-featured - have they ever actually been seen together in the same room ?

Good hands, likes a bit of niggle at the back of the scrum and to wind up the opposition.

Powerful singing voice. Can drag a number out of the Bacharach and David songbook by its collar and dump it forcibly on the turf.

While we're in the Land of My Absent Fathers, who's the cretinous chav who bust the Big Apple?

The owners of a landmark snack bar in Swansea Bay, which dates back to the 1930s, say its future is uncertain after a car crashed in to it. The 'Big Apple' has welcomed visitors to the Mumbles' Bracelet Bay for generations, selling gifts and food from the concrete kiosk.

But it has been left extensively damaged after being hit by a Ford Fiesta car on Monday. Its owners say engineers are still assessing whether it can be repaired. The apple kiosk was originally built as a stunt to promote a drink at sites across Wales and England. It is thought to be one of the last of its kind still in use.

But the owners, operators of the Mumbles Pier, say they are now waiting to see if the apple can be repaired. "It has basically demolished the whole front half of it," said John Bollom, the manager director of the pier company, Ameco. "We can't work out how to put it right at the moment - the construction of it was very unusual. It would appear that it was made in some sort of big mould with concrete and steel poured in to it. It's a very substantial structure and repairing it is not going to be easy at all."

South Wales Police said a 21-year-old man is being investigated for possible driving offences in relation to the incident.
There's a video here. But the BBC have merely reported on the Apple. The point is to save it.

Facebook group "Save The Big Apple"

Sign the petition to save the Big Apple.


mythologer said...

Well anything to do with "The Big Apple" should be demolished, but if you're at all interested in the rise of militant Islam in the UK go to the above...

moriarty said...

Police, who arrested two men, said they did not believe it was a racially-orientated crime.

Sounds like the police arrested a couple of muslims then.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"assessing whether it can be repaired"


It's made of concrete. How in hell can it not be repaired, or, if needbe, rebuilt?

Is this one of these "it would never be allowed these days" things?