Friday, July 31, 2009

"as though any one mattered as much as all that"

The nurse stood irresolute, looking now at the kneeling figure by the bed (the scandalous exhibition!) and now (poor children!) at the twins who had stopped their hunting of the zipper and were staring from the other end of the ward, staring with all their eyes and nostrils at the shocking scene that was being enacted round Bed 20. Should she speak to him? try to bring him back to a sense of decency? remind him of where he was? of what fatal mischief he might do to these poor innocents? Undoing all their wholesome death-conditioning with this disgusting outcry–as though death were something terrible, as though any one mattered as much as all that! It might give them the most disastrous ideas about the subject, might upset them into reacting in the entirely wrong, the utterly anti-social way.

Poll Pot is the latest to bang the euthanasia drum. BBC news covers little else these days. Laban chips in :

a) the population is ageing, because the baby-boom generation now moving into retirement didn't have enough children, preferring to outsource the production of the next generation to immigrants

b) older people need more medical care to keep them upright

c) medical care is very expensive

d) our wonderful Government has run out of money - they seem to have been having a few financial difficulties of late

e) taxes will have to rise, both because of Government incompetence and because the base of net tax payers will have more elderly people (net tax recipients) to support

f) if history is a guide, these tax increases are likely to be resented

g) the resentful taxpayers will be all colours and cultures. The elderly recipients of the tax-funded medical care will be hideously white native Brits.

h) and the Guardian, BBC and the rest of our liberal masters have decided that now seems like a good time to add euthanasia to the available NHS options.

i) Naturally it will only be used on demand in ultra-special cases - just like abortions were going to be really, really unusual and rare when the law was changed back in 1967.

j) Hmm. This is one of those rare occasions when conspiracy theory and Occam's Razor both point in the same direction. Follow the money. Motive - saving all that cash. Opportunity - via new legislation.


Malthebof said...

Once a law is on the statute book, a government will use it for its own purposes, viz councils spying on people claiming rsedence for a school place. Do not grow old under a socialist government.

Anonymous said...

it is the baby boomers' children who are not having children.

I have seen the latest figures for 'foreign born mothers.' Amazingly, over 100 thousand children are born to two foreign born parents. I thought the majority would be one foreign born parent and one native born, if not actually native .It seems like thatthey have children as soon as they possibly can in order to improve their chances of remaining in the UK.


BTW: what is stopping us from having more children?

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments on the Pol Pot article, and my God she deserves that nickname now, how it becomes her, are spot on and quite a few are from medical professionals.


Population reduction by consent said...

Thin end of the wedge, as always. Look at the wider picture.

This stinks.

Sgt Troy said...

Well the OPT put the optimum population at 30 millions

The country is irremediably bankrupt

The thought of being "looked after" by an assortment of third worlders seems less than brilliant in such circs.

It's fair to say that there is an artificiality in keeping people alive far longer than would have been the case even fifty years ago, and therefore euthanasia could legitimately be seen as a kind of re-balancing.

A tricky one of course and the requirement for great stringency is obvious. The thin end of the wedge concern is a worry but people should be given the option I believe - except of course for Zanu Nulab where compulsion should be the order of the day

My father is lying stricken after a massive stroke in a rural care home, which is very good indeed to be fair to the staff.

He wants out, he is absolutely adamant about that; and what I am I supposed to say to him? In his position I would want the same. If my dog and cats were suffering with zero hope I would not hesitate; it would be cruel to do otherwise

Not interested in what the COE has to say on this, or indeed on anything else - they blew their credibility a long time ago waffling on about "Christian discipleship" and welcoming the stranger and reverencing the alien - aka turning the country into a third world dump.

Anonymous said...

It's when she calls not killing sick and dying people "torture" that you realise that she's a swivel eyed lunatic of the most stark raving variety.

WhatTheThunderSaid - aka Hugh Oxford

fellist said...

I heard a phone-in show on BBC Radio Leeds earlier in the week discussing the lady in the news that had seen 13 children taken into care and was pregnant yet again.

The crux of the discussion was whether or not 'we' ought to sterilise her: the vast majority said yes. But what shocked me most was that the host of the show read out without comment a text message someone had sent in:

"everyone's talking about sterilisation, but what about extermination?"

Andrew K said...

I had picked up on this as part of he BBC agenda, particularly on the Today programme. In fact I was moved at one stage to send in a text suggestiong that they might lobby for an Assisted Suicide (John Humphrys) Act.

A related area where they seem also to have an agenda is the "right" to die at home - I have come across that on the Today programme more than once, and i suspect it is not a right that is being promoted so much as a duty, and that on the grounds of public expense.

We are being taken for fools.

Sgt Troy said...

fellist said...
I heard a phone-in show on BBC Radio Leeds earlier in the week discussing the lady in the news that had seen 13 children taken into care and was pregnant yet again."

Inevitably they highlight the indigenous "proles", having a bit of a field day just as they did with Karen Matthews

But we all know were the population increase comes from

"The city's Somali leaders believe that their community is much younger than the overall population (65% of them are under 20), and has the city's highest birth-rate."

At the same time as they take the piss out of our people the regime "reaches out" to them

Reaching out on the basis of fiddled stats, more piss take
Lies, damned lies and Zanu Nulab statistical "analysis".

It won't work, thank heaven

Anonymous said...

I think you should ask what some of the reasons are that baby boomers do not have children.
When my parents moved into their house when my mother was pregnant, it cost around 3 times the average annual salary. My father who worked in a factory could pay for the mortgage with his salary only. Last year houses in the same street cost around 14 times the average annual salary. Reproduction is fine if you are rich or either poor (because the state picks up the housing tag). If you want to have a half decent middle class lfestyle you end up delaying childbirth and end up having only 1 or 2.
We did that and started breeding late in life, we have had 1 and then we were unable to concieve any more.
We would have had more children if our housing costs were 3x salary and I didnt pay £600 a month in tax. Whats it used for subsidising the replacement of the British poulation by chavs and the surplus of the third world.

Laban said...

Anon 8.16 - I agree with you. The very rich and the tax-funded poor can have loads of kids. It's Mr and Mrs Avg. who suffer.

Paulinus said...

Let's be graphic: morphine (and its derivatives) is no wonder drug, though it is the only effective painkiller available.[Poll's CiF piece]

Oxycodone, hydromorphone, fantanyl, tramadol, alfantanil, ketamine, gabapentin, pregabalin, amitriptyline, imipramine, paracetamol, ibuprofen, diclofenac, TENS, intrathecal devices - do you want me to go on, Poll?

That sentence alone (in the midst of a sea of prejudice, anti-religious bigotry and at times, downright falsehood) shows the bloated hypocrite to be a stupid, ignorant, ill-informed, half-educated hack.

There. I feel better now.

Anonymous said...

None of this a surprise to me - anyone recall the 2-handed episode of Eastenders some years ago which pushed the euthanasia agenda of the BBC. Dot and terminally ill Ethel - more popular than Polly's columns (I'm guessing)- all part of making euthanasia the 'natural', obvious choice.

Anonymous said...

My favourite comment was this:

"State-approved torture is what I feel I'm reading when I go through one of these articles."

fellist said...

It's not just us.

ict558 said...


The Telegraph article quoted in your link was a load of tosh!

I read the actual NICE Guideline and the change in treatment costs more. There is no saving of £33,000,000, it is more than offset by the alternative treatments.

Also, the guideline covers the management of pain that has lasted for longer than 6 weeks but less than a year. So the little old lady mentioned in the article will continue to have her injections.

The Daily Mail gave a much more balanced write up.