Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hate Site Hassle Update

Update to my original post re the site's classification as a 'hate site' on some work firewalls.

From Websense :

The site you submitted has been reviewed. We have found that it is best classified accordingly: - Message Boards and Forums

So out of all the classifiers I can find, only Secure Computing/McAfee are playing the giddy goat. But they're probably one of the biggest players in the market. No reply from them yet - we shall see.

UPDATE - I'm off the Secure Computing hatelist as well - now classified as - Politics/Opinion / - Blogs/Wiki which is much more like it. At OpenDNS the "hate site" and "pornography" tags are flagged as rejected and it's currently a 'Blog'. So inshallah the Labanic reputation is as the driven snow once more.

If anyone still finds me blocked, including the user of Worcestershire Libraries computers who got in touch, could they let me know via comments or email ? Many thanks.

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