Sunday, March 01, 2009

"How can I be a racist when I’m black?"

'Anti-racist' Lib Dem councillor blots her copybook. Her 'coconut' jibe is doubly offensive - to the (Asian) Conservative councillor at whom it was directed, and in its implication that white = bad. She's accusing Ms Jethra of being a traitor to her skin colour - an accusation that levelled by a white Lib Dem councillot at another white councillor would see them drummed out of the party once people had stopped laughing. Whatever happened to the colour of a man's skin being no more significant than the colour of his eyes ?

She's an ignorant woman too, arguing that whiteness is the reason why a councillor wouldn't be interested in commemorating slavery at taxpayer expense. Doesn't she know about the thousands of white slaves shipped from Bristol to the Viking kingdoms of Ireland after the Norman conquest, and the saintly bishop who fought against the trade ? As William of Malmesbury put it :

‘You might well groan to see the long rows of young men adn maidesn whose beauty and youth might move the pity of a savage, bound together with cords, and brought to market to be sold. It was a damnable sin, a piteous reproach, that men, worse than brute beasts, should sell into slavery their own lemans (sweehearts or lovers - LT), nay, their own blood.’

Eventually the saint’s preaching was so successful that not only did the people of Bristol abandon the trade and become ‘an example to all England’, but they blinded and drove out one slave trader who entered the city.