Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Teensy Vignettes

A whole world in two sentences :

Mr Heyes, 20, of Bray Road, Speke, Liverpool, denies manslaughter.

John McDermott QC, prosecuting, said Mr Heyes, who also has a 16-month old son, was left alone with his newborn after Ms Pike, 32, went out to collect her giro.

And another villain faces justice :

A 63-year-old woman has been convicted of assault after using rolled up church papers to hit a teenager she suspected of damaging a village sign.


Bodwyn Wook said...

Kids -- nasty and botched ones too! -- having kids, it is horrible.

We ARE "---ed again!" as my late Uncle Emmett Jacobson (d 1980 aetat 60) of rural Eagle Lake, MN, used to say. And again. And now more than ever. And far from home too! My uncle used to say to me when I was a pup and in college in the 1960s, "this liberal BS is fine with me, I'm going to be dead and in Hell and out of it -- but YOU, you smart young SOB, are going to live forever and so I'll just let you put up with it!" Now that I am just sixty in January and a grandfather it is remarkable how smart a man my Uncle Emmett was.

Anonymous said...

second link needs a tweak Laban