Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Villain Put Behind Bars

I noticed this story when I was up in Scotland last week.

A sheriff was condemned yesterday for jailing a vigilante who stormed into a drug dealer's home and threatened to kill him before flushing a stash of heroin down the toilet. Peter Drummond, 26, took the law into his own hands after his brother-in-law became addicted to the drug.

He went to the home of John Nellies and berated him for causing misery to families before flushing five bags of heroin down the toilet, Perth Sheriff Court was told.

Drummond, who was reported to the police by one of Nellies' customers, shook his head in disbelief as he was jailed for two months by Sheriff Robert McCreadie.
Once he might have been commended and awarded £50 from public funds. Now he's in jail. Sheriff Robert McCreadie is a greater threat to his country than any number of smack dealers.

Ms Bates told the court: "He (Drummond] continued to shout and swear and threatened to kill Nellies if he continued to supply heroin to members of his family. He recovered five bags of heroin from the living room and flushed it down the toilet in order to prevent other persons from obtaining it."

Steve Lafferty, Drummond's solicitor, appealed to the court to have his punishment limited to a fine due to the "quite unusual" circumstances of the case.

He said that Drummond, who admitted a number of previous convictions, had no other criminal charges pending.

But Sheriff McCreadie ignored the plea and told Drummond he should have contacted the police. "You can't take matters into your own hands the way you did," he said.

The sheriff is right. If there's one thing our rulers hate it's being shown up.

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Anonymous said...

If the law can't take the law into their own hands, what right does he have to?