Tuesday, September 09, 2008

John Baker Murder

PC Plod strikes again :

"We know that crimes where the elderly and vulnerable are targeted are committed throughout the country by organised crime gangs who pass information to one another, and that they move quickly around whole regions."
Hmm. Organised crime gangs who pass information to each other and who move quickly round whole regions ? Who could these folk be ?

Detectives arrested eight men on suspicion of murdering Reginald John Baker, 75, at his home in Beech Grange, Landford near Salisbury.

They were yesterday granted more time to question five men.

Mr Baker, known as John, was found dead on Friday after a neighbour called police, reporting to have seen two men run from his bungalow.

Hundreds of officers from several forces were involved in the arrest of the eight suspects, who are all in their 20s and from across the South West region, overnight on Friday.

Hundreds of officers to arrest eight men in widely differing locations ? The men must either be be very dangerous, have lots of violent mates, or both. What manner of rural community could create such a necessity ?

Doubtless we'll find out at the trial.