Saturday, September 13, 2008

"The Decent Left"

Does anyone else hope that Jade Goody dies? I am not a big believer in karma, but this woman, a nothing from a no-hope job, impregnated with some of the most entrenched ignorance our society can instill, should certainly not be living well off the fees of various tabloids. I don’t care if she has cancer. Millions of people get cancer and that’s sad, but none of them make headline news for it. If the only way to keep her off our screens, out of the newspapers and absent from websites around the world is for her to die, let’s get it over with and knock her off.

This, via Bloggers4Labour, from someone called David Semple.

I don't know. I'm no fan of hers, but I hope she gets better - both in body and spirit. Anyway, if every loud-mouthed slapper in Britain died of cancer our demographics would look even scarier than they are already.

You'd think as a Labour supporter he'd approve of loud-mouthed slapperdom. Isn't that just equality in action ? Just as in a lot of the Sarah Palin commentary, you can't help wondering if there isn't an element of class hatred here. "A nothing from a no-hope job", eh ? I remember when the Labour Party existed to serve those people.

Still, he's on the moral high ground compared to some of his party colleagues. At least he wants her death to be quick and painless.