Monday, January 28, 2008

They Really Do Think It's Their Money

Surprised Sam Tarran hasn't picked this up - via bloggers4labour.

Richard Udall donates funds to support new youth shelter

Foolish reader. Did you really think that "donates funds" implied somebody putting his hands in his pockets ?

County Councillor Richard Udall secured £3000 from the county council’s youth service. He said: “I was pleased to help. The shelter should provide young people in Dines Green with somewhere to go".
Unless Dines Green has changed a lot recently, it'll cost another £3K to rebuild it when it gets vandalised. Doubtless the good councillor will be putting his hands in someone else's pockets once more.


Ross said...

Brilliant find!

ba ba said...

"'No, I did not belong to these people, even if one proved my blood relation to them a hundred times over. I belonged to Europe, to Germany, and I thanked my Creator I was German'."

What does that remind you of then. . . drum roll . . .

"A man born in a stables is not a horse"! (Duke of Wellington, An Irish Englishman)


Sometimes attributed to the Duke of Wellington (1769-1852); see quot. 1969.

‘I am an Englishman and no traitor, nor will I die the death of one.’‥‘Truly‥a man does sometimes become a horse by being born in a stable.’
[1833 M. Scott Tom Cringle's Log I. iv.]

Except on the principle that the man who is born in a stable is a horse, [he] was not an Irishman at all.
[1906 Times Literary Supplement 27 Apr. 147]

If Wellington was ever chaffed for being an Irishman and replied with a notorious quip, it was probably during this period [1807]: Because a man is born in a stable that does not make him a horse.
[1969 E. Longford Wellington: Years of Sword viii.]

Father Casey‥has a theory that the Irish back in Ireland have less claim to Irishness than men like himself. Something to do with‥being born in a stable not necessarily making you a horse.
[1980 J. O'faolain No Country for Young Men ii.]

Anonymous said...

I'd go further than that. I'd suggest that they think money comes for free. I think I've got the proof as well.

When we had our son, the state very kindly offered us 250 quid to put in a trust fund. The phrase on the leaflet?


Anonymous said...

The Taxpayers Alliance should send this guy an invoice for the full amount, plus 40% overheads and handling fee.

Mark the letter "Do not fold this letter. Do not get this letter dirty."

Then fold it, put it in an unstamped envelope, and send it to his home address in an envelope marked "H.M Probation Service- Sex Offenders Division".