Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it just me ...

Or has the ever-popular blog Harry's Place, run by good-hearted lefties (or the 'decents') gone missing due to over-using its bandwidth ?

It's been down for more than a day. Anyone know what's going on ? DoS attack by Lenin or Mad Dog Milne ?


Imposs1904 said...

It's not just you. I haven't been able to access for a couple of days.

JuliaM said...

Ditto. :(

Pity, it's the only self-identified left-wing site I read every day. Apart from the obvious trolls, the posters and commenters there are all worth reading.

How many left-wing sites can you say that about?

Anonymous said...

How many left-wing sites can you say that about?

Oliver Kamm
Drinked Soaked etc
Many things by Christopher Hitchens
Many things by Nick Cohen

JuliaM said...

Yes, but Normblog & Oliver Kamm are non-commenting, Shuggy doesn't post daily (sadly, as the posts are usually good) and Drink Soaked is....well....

...let's just say they have some interesting comments threads!

Poor Hitchens & Cohen are usually excoriated on most left wing sites as being 'not left, only pretending'.

Let's hope Harry's Place resolves it's problems quickly.

Ross said...

I think they were down at the end of last month too. It's probably just that they are exceeding their monthly bandwidth so the site goes down at the end of each month.

Anonymous said...

Back up now, supporting the monthly limit theory.

Anonymous said...

''good-hearted lefties'' hmm interesting concept

They must either be recovering Kool-Aid drinkers or haven't drunk enough of it yet.

Anonymous said...

“Harry's Place, run by good-hearted lefties”. Huh?

I might be wrong as I’ve only looked at it a few times, but they looked like ‘invade the world invite the world’ neocon/Eustonites to me.

Fine if you think we should bomb Johnny Foreigner because we don’t like his nasty habits and then invite him and his mates and their extended families to come and live here. I think a better idea would be to let Johnny Foreigner run his own country as he see fit and encourage Johnny Foreigner to live in Johnny Foreignerland – see Robert Putnam, for starters.

WRT your ‘Boy and Girls’ post. Whilst I don’t doubt there is something (quite a lot actually) in this ‘women are from Venus and men are from Mars’ stuff, you go far too far. That post may apply to you and Mr Pooter of Geek, but don’t assume you speak for all (hetero) males. There are plenty of blokes out there with more layers than the average onion and deviousness and doubletalk are hardly unique to females.

Also, WRT ’But was the lamb of cohesion humanely stunned before having its throat cut ?’ post, I may be being a picky picky pedant, but Kaur is a Sikh name (I believe it means princess) so, if you are alluding to Halal meat you’re a bit off target.

Feel free to criticize, I might be wrong, I may be having a funny turn, or is it you?