Friday, December 14, 2007

Comment Is Superfluous

(although you do have to wonder if SA isn't at the start of a process that leads to Zimbabwe ...)

At his trial for rape, of which he was acquitted, Jacob Zuma revealed beliefs that might not be expected to boost the career hopes of a would-be president.

He told the court that his accuser, the 31-year-old daughter of a family friend, had led him to believe she wanted sex by complaining that she had no boyfriend, and by not crossing her legs while wearing a knee-length skirt.

He saw little risk in unprotected sex with the HIV-positive Aids activist, the court heard, because he had showered afterwards. Not surprisingly, his defence tactics did nothing to endear him to women's equality campaigners, nor those fighting the rampant spread of Aids in southern Africa - particularly as he is chairman of the country's Aids council. But they did little to dampen the enthusiasm of his supporters.

They provided a near jamboree atmosphere outside the Johannesburg courthouse during last year's trial, chanting "Burn the bitch" as his accuser arrived in court.