Friday, November 30, 2007

The Point Being ?

More undeclared donations, more names in the frame, and the Tories turn an 11-point poll deficit into an 11-point lead.

Guido and Ian Dale are pretty much on the sleaze case, although I'd be interested to find out more about the letters. If Mr Mendelsohn wrote to Abrahams as a major donor, where are the similar letters to Janet Kidd and that builder chap - not to mention Mr McCarthy the solicitor ? After all, they were in form if not fact much bigger donors than Mr Abrahams. How come they don't seem to have been getting the thankyous and invites for chats. Maybe they have - or maybe it was known all along that they were merely conduits.

So it's looking good for Blue Labour. But does anybody seriously think that a Cameron administration would make any difference to the most important change in the UK - the ongoing replacement of the English by mass immigration ? They are just as in hock to employers as Labour. Indeed, I'm scratching my head to think of any area where Tory policy would substantially differ from Labour. People aren't turning to the Tories because of their nice ideas but because :

a) they're not the Government
b) Cameron has to a great extent removed the 'nasty party' tag - which must be reckoned an achievement. Unfortunately that achievement comes at a price, the price being a closer and closer shadowing of NuLab policy. There's not a Guardian hobby-horse without its Tory working party beavering away.

The UK population could almost double over the coming 75 years, according to official government projections. The previously unpublished figures suggest the British population could hit almost 110m in 2081, if immigration fertility and longevity rates are high.

The figures are higher than those released just a month ago by the Office for National Statistics. In October, the ONS projected the population could go from around 60m today to as high as 77m in 2051.

Sir Andrew Green of Migrationwatch UK said that the projections were a warning that should be heeded. "These projections are a sharp reminder of what could happen to our population, indeed our country, if the government fails to take firm and effective action," said Sir Andrew. "They have consistently underestimated the scale of immigration. They have had to raise their assumptions about future immigration six times since 1997. We simply cannot afford any more misjudgements of this kind."

It is currently the pleasure of Guardianistas to point out the hypocrisy of people who emigrate because of mass immigration. I guess the point of the emigres is that, given the transformation of England, if they HAVE to live in a foreign country they'd rather it was one they chose themselves.