Thursday, November 29, 2007

Juries - "Verdict Modification" Initiative Unveiled

Guardian :

Juries are to be told how rape victims typically respond in an attempt to dispel "rape myths" which ministers believe are contributing to plummeting conviction rates for the crime.

A panel of judges, doctors and academics will start work next month on the project, which will attempt to put together a package to inform the jury without interfering with the fairness of a trial.

Well, they've corrupted the constitution. They've corrupted the civil service. They're corrupt themselves. Corrupting the law where those pesky juries keep having a mind of their own is a logical step on from there.

It'll certainly be interesting to see one of these packs - I think it's unlikely they'll be able to keep them secret. This one ain't going to go away. But if they get away with it, they'll want to apply it elsewhere. I can just see the juries in race discrimination tribunals being handed pictures of lynchings.