Friday, November 02, 2007

More Leaves From The Curate's Lawn

1.5 million foreign workers take more than half of jobs created since 1997.

The replacement of the English accelerates.

The population of the UK is set to increase by 4.4 million to 65 million by 2016, according to new projections. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that 2.1 million of the overall rise can be put down to immigration alone. Further projections say the population would reach 71 million by 2031 and 77 million in 2051.

Note that "to immigration alone'. In other words, not including the children of the existing "immigrant-heritage" communities, who have higher fertility than the natives. Given the low fertility of the natives, and the continuing exodus of the young and qualified, the forecast that "on present trends, by 2073, the majority population of this country will either have migrated here, or be the child or grandchild of parents who did so" looks eminently reasonable.

Councils still don't believe the government figures.

"A report from the Local Government Association claims that official population statistics seriously underestimate the number of immigrants in large areas of the country. In some rural areas, such as Boston, Lincolnshire, the number of migrant workers is nine times the number cited in official statistics, according to the first study of all local authorities. "

ONS unemployment by ethnicity. Funny, I thought they'd come here to do the jobs we wouldn't. Not according to these stats.

You can also use the bottom graph - male/female employment ratios for working age people - as an approximate proxy for childrearing. Pakistani/Bangladeshi women of working age are characterised as 'economically inactive' i.e. they're raising kids, not trying for that Senior Co-Ordinator role. What did Sayyid Qutb say again ?

"(if) she prefers ... using her ability for material productivity rather than the training of human beings, because material production is considered to be more important, more valuable and more honourable than the development of human character, then such a civilisation is ‘backward’ from the human point of view ..."

Note the other groups with a high male/female paid "employment" ratio - Indian, Black African, other Asian, other White (the Poles ?). This implies they're all having more babies than the natives.

I'm gobsmacked to note that Chinese males are apparently the most inactive. This doesn't fit with my experience at all. I bet they're all working at something - maybe they just haven't told the Revenue. Am I allowed to say that ? Either that or some genius dole fraudster has created a terracotta army of non-existent Chinese claimants.

They're getting a bit fed up of vibrancy in Italy, too.

"In the past 18 months Romanians have been responsible for 76 murders, more than 300 rapes and 2,000 robberies in Italy, according to police statistics. Nearly 400 Romanians have been charged with kidnappings, mostly involving prostitution, and 6,000 with receiving stolen goods."

So they're planning to expel foreign criminals. Which we can't do, apparently, because of EU law.

We shall see. After all, the jelly-bellied flag flapper was promising to expel foreign criminals a few weeks back, and it was all lies. Maybe it's lies in Italy, too.