Friday, November 02, 2007

Don't Do as I Do, Do As I Say

Snafu points out a certain cognitive dissonance in Trevor Phillips' pronouncements on "sharing schools and hospitals". He won't find many poor Somalis or Romanians at his kids' private school.

Funny. When he was an aspiring NuLab politician I don't remember him coming out with stuff like this.

Asked two years ago about what needed to be done to rescue communities from the 'moral vacuum' many young black people lived in, he said: 'The old-fashioned discipline of Caribbean teachers - uniforms, detentions, tough lessons, and, yes, even even the possibility of corporal punishment - could stop many a criminal career before it begins.'

Trev probably thinks that it's just a function of their skin colour, but there are a fair few white kids living in a "moral vacuum", too. By strange chance, there used to be "old-fashioned discipline" in British schools as well - on which many Caribbean schools were modelled. How we have progressed.