Friday, November 09, 2007

Hmm ...

Ekklesia, the Christian-lite Guardian-at-prayer outfit, note Trevor Phillips' co-option of the Rev Joel Edwards, head of the Evangelical Alliance, onto the board of his super-equality quango, calling it "a historic opportunity for evangelicals to shift toward full acceptance of the equalities agenda."

I'd hope it was "a historic opportunity for soi-disant 'equality' campaigners to shift toward full acceptance of the evangelical agenda", myself. But there you go.

What's more worrying is if it's an attempt to get the good Reverend on board the Boat of Sin for a trip down the Tunnel of Debauchery, with optional excursions to yodel down the Valley of Love. Dr Edwards is a chap who talks an inordinate amount of good sense.

"Politicians are happy to embrace the pragmatic benefits of Britain’s faith communities who now have a seat at every conceivable table of policy making in Britain. But this is happening precisely at a time when the volume of legislation is going against the values of religious communities on a whole range of moral issues from abortion and human sexuality to family life and education. Public servants want our goods but not necessarily our gods."

Are they attempting to "stop his mouth with (taxpayer) gold", in the style which has been so effective with ex-firebrand Lee Jasper, once never off the radio as representative of this or that two-men-and-a-fax anti-racist organisation, now grown fat and somnolent on a rich diet of taxpayer dosh courtesy of Ken Livingstone ?

Will the Reverend stick to his guns or be bought off ? We shall see. Pray for him.