Monday, July 23, 2007

Water !

All day I face
The barren waste
Without the taste
Of water
Cool, clear water

(Along with bottled water, deodorant is flying off the supermarket shelves. Can't imagine why.)

UPDATE - new flood misery for residents of Hull.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to comment on something that Ive read in your blog and I hope it sticks.

You have written that America is a nation of immigrants.

No, it was not. It was a nation of settlers who subdued a wild uncivilized continent that had some stone-aged people and these same settlers made it the foremost nation on the planet in about 200 years. Since the fifties however, she has been in a decline, by first social-cultural-eco-Marxist, and now by the immigration invasion of hispanics, whose average IQ is around 85, which is 15-20 below the average white American.

You Europeans have nothing to be ashamed of in wanting lower immigration. Arabs and North Africans had nothing to do with Europe become civilized, clean, and well-off. Mechanization and robotics and being willing to be able to pay the few manual laborers necessary in a really modern economy can erase the need for cheap labor immigrants and their huge broods of children. Massive immigration is the trojan horse against modern civilization weilded by Marxist who have lost the cold war. Its their "dying gasp" as much as eco-scares are also a "dying gasp" by them. Nuclear energy, solar, wind, and waves can answer the climate fear-mongering (as well as electic/hybrid cars), but it will take determination to stand up to the catcalls of "racism" that the Marxii will be willing to shout over and over to cease the peaceful invasion and democratic overthrow of Europe's traditional instistutions and governments.

Finally,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there is not a God-damned thing wrong with being a normal white human being of Eurasian extraction on this planet. We advanced humanity almost alone from roughly 1400-1900 (when Japan made some big strides) and dont owe anyone anything. People of East Asia, South America, and Africa dont have a "right" to immigrate to the "West" if the inhabitants of the "West" dont want them there, no matter what corporate globalists want to tell you.

Europe and Russia (and America, Australia, New Zeland, and Canada) should be proud of their modernizing inventions which include trains, planes, automobiles, busses, powered boats for oceanic travel for masses, electricity, telephones, modern medical equipment, modern medical advances, computers, space travel, calculators, central heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, microwave ovens, and even fucking lawnmowers. Living in Europe should be a priveledge, not a right. If the third world wants nice things, they should roll up there sleeves, stop fighting each other, and get it done on their own over the next fifty years. Then they will have the respect of the PEOPLE of the west, who then might be more amenable to some migration from these places.

Anonymous said...

Its argued that we need lots of low wage labour to keep the economy going.


Steve Sailer had a post on this fallacy recently.

In fact one can almost see the industrial revolution going into reverse. The arrival of lots of cheap labour begins to undermine technological advance.

All over the UK hand car wash operations are springing up. Very efficient operations to be sure but also cheaper than self-service or automated car washes. One would anyone now bother investing in updated technology in this area?

One wonders whats next.

These days when the road is dug up for pipes/cables its often a couple of blokes and a mini digger or JCB. For how long? At some point its going to be cheaper to have a gang guys with picks and shovels slaving away. Just like the good old days.