Friday, July 27, 2007

It Takes A Village ... To Abuse and Kill The Village Idiot ...

It looks as though the policy of encouraging those who were once called 'simples' or 'naturals' to live an independent life in the "community" has among its drawbacks that some people will discover the pleasure of abusing and torturing them.

The jury at the Truro Crown Court heard Mr Hoskin, who had the reading ability of a six-year-old, was burnt with cigarettes, walked around on a dog lead and was forced to confess to being a paedophile. He was also forced to eat 70 paracetamol tablets.

The teenage girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court a plan was then hatched to take him to the top of a viaduct in Trenance Road, St Austell "to scare him". Steven Hoskin, 38, from St Austell, Cornwall, was humiliated and abused for hours by a gang, a court heard. He was drugged, taken to a viaduct and forced to hang from railings. The 17-year-old girl stamped on his hands causing him to fall 100ft to his death.

Darren Stewart, 30, was jailed for life and the girl detained. Another man was convicted of manslaughter. Martin Pollard, 21, had also been accused of murder but was convicted of the lesser charge by a jury at Truro Crown Court. Two 17-year-old boys, who cannot be named, were also found guilty of assault and false imprisonment.

The West Country seems to be a dangerous place for vulnerable people.

Not content with keeping Kevin Davies prisoner in a garden shed for six weeks, his captors also forced him to make a disturbing hostage-style video. In it an emaciated, weak and scared looking Kevin tells the camera he is being fed perfectly. But in fact he was given only a few potato peelings and other scraps and there were traces of weed killer in his body when he died.

Kevin Davies was beaten and burned repeatedly in a shed belonging to Amanda Baggus and her boyfriend David Lehane at a house in Badgers Way, Bream, Gloucestershire, and only allowed out to do chores for his captors. He was found dead at the house on 26 September 2006.


Anonymous said...

OK, time to fire up the industrial shredder.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Well, yes, but not too efficiently. We must allow for accidents. I mean, any of these young people might be introduced to the shredder and then - just as a horrible example - it may fail to work when it was halfway through its job.

These things happen in today's modern society!

It doesn't bear thinking of that one of these young people might find their legs had been ground off and then the damn' shredder stopped for 15 minutes while they found someone who could fix it. And if they kept screaming like that, the shredder repairman couldn't talk over the telephone.

To be kind, while they were waiting, the shreddees should be given some potato parings for both sustenance and a taste treat!

Malthebof said...

What is this 'who cannot be named for legal reasons'. They have committed murder what protection do they deserve?

Anonymous said...

I,m not sure about an industrial shredder this could prove quicker and less painful than the death these animals meted out to their victims.I,m sure the bible says an eye for an eye and a life for a life so doesn,t that mean they should die the same way?? Failing that I,d like to put my name down as chief executioner. Lets stop protecting these vile creatures and put the victims familys feelings first