Sunday, April 15, 2007

Second Amendment

One for Mr Free Market methinks ...

Safety lessons with a Colt .357. It's not loaded or the ear defenders would be on.

Fearsome beastie ... a Mossberg 300 12 gauge. When loaded with 00 buckshot you grip firmly - and still move back a foot with the recoil.

(Of course this sort of thing could never be allowed in a civilised country like Britain.)


Anonymous said...

How you can go from a Catholic Church to brandishing a shotgun is a cause for concern.

Were you sold Absolution before you went out to your violent recreation, or was it the sermon that drove you to the gun ?

Laban said...

There's nothing at all violent about shooting, unless you're shooting at living creatures - and I've only ever shot at one such (a rat) in my life.

IMHO all English children should be taught to shoot straight and speak the truth. It's because previous generations could shoot that we're not speaking German. Or French. Or Spanish.

(and it's not me with the Mossberg - it's my eldest)

Fulham Reactionary said...


Have you never heard the phrase "put your trust in God, but keep your powder dry"?.

Rather good advice, I think.

Christians don't have to be pacifists, you know.

Anonymous said...

Christians don't have to be pacifists, you know.

I never thought real Christians were...but I see you have no ability to discern humour.

Having used both Bren gun and Lee Enfield before living in the US...there I found my favoured weapon to be a Beretta 92F...what's yours ?

Laban said...

Until my recent visit I'd never fired anything heftier than an air rifle, so I'm not qualified to say amd probably never will be. Sorry I missed the irony.

Next time we'll plan in a morning at one of those ranges (like Sam's Guns in Lake Havasu) where you can fire H&Ks, Uzis, Schmeissers, Thompsons etc.

ba ba said...

You can rent out an attack helicopter in America and blow up remote control cars (Truly, Jeremy Clarkson did it)

Observer, that sounded awfully catty.

Anonymous said...


actually they are Erma MP40s from the ERfurter MAschinefabrik (Erma)not Schmeissers - he did not design them

James G. said...

What a coincidence: I took my English wife on her first visit to a shooting range about two weeks ago. After getting the feel for the recoil on my friend's .45 she stuck to his wife's .25. Loads of fun. She wants to frame our targets.

Laban said...

Recoil. It makes quite a difference whether the round is a light 'wad-cutter' or a hollow-nosed Magnum .

It's something a Brit can never quite get over, his and hers guns. The people we stayed with had a revolver each (and she's English), the shotgun and an M1 carbine ! The kids can all shoot too.