Thursday, April 19, 2007

Low Intensity Warfare

Accrington, Oldham, Stockport.

Grooming in Oldham, Bin Laden in Accrington Market.

Mythical beast spotted in Shawclough. I suppose it could be real, but seems more likely to be the bright idea of some 'antifascist' student types.

Here's a genuine native bad hat. And some other bad hats.


Anonymous said...

Yeah but whats your point Laban?
You keep highlighting these kind of crimes that should make the MSM but don't, but you don't want to do anything about it? simply a change back to traditional culture isn't going to fix this. Yet I'm sure you don't agree with the BNP.
So whats gonna happen? wait for the civil war then try to pick up the pieces?

Michaelcd said...

I can understand the MSM not picking up these types of stories, but I live pretty near to Heald Green and my mum used to work at the school they mentioned in the article, and yet I had not seen anything about it in the local papers. How strange...

Laban said...

Just 'bearing witness', dave - for information and analysis.

Anonymous said...

Does the word censorship come to mind?