Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Today Programme

Allowed one of its Christmas programmes to be edited by a wild-haired, wailing, lunatic Sixties throwback.

(They gave Yoko Ono a programme as well.)


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the Today website look like some Communist poster from the 1930s? A deliberate decision or an unconscious one?

Anonymous said...

just a normal day at al beeb then

Anonymous said...

How about a petition requesting Yoko Ono to be made Archbishop of Canterbury?

Should be an improvement on Williams.

Voyager said...

What does Rowan Williams do when not on TV or in The Guardian ? Does he have some minor Civil Service job or is he one of those think-tank types at the IPPR or even a PR lobbyist and influence-peddler ?

BTW - who did succeed Carey at Lambeth Palce ? Was it Nazir-Ali or Akinola ?

Anonymous said...

Would Yoko Ono make a better Archbishop then Williams? And has Williams a finer singing voice than Lennon's (self-described) inspiration?