Sunday, December 03, 2006


Some weird and wonderful council by-elections.

Analysis of 14 comparable results over November suggests a projected 21.6% Tory lead over Labour.

A calculation based on 10 contests where all three major parties fought both times suggests a line-up of: Con 43%, Lib Dem 27.7%, Lab 23.2%.

Hmmm. But these seats aren't representative. What intrigued me was :

Skegness St Clements: - UKIP vote stopped the Tories winning from Labour - assuming UKIP vote is ex-Tory.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Lemington: - BNP vote stopped Labour winning from Lib Dems - assuming BNP are ex-Labour.

The collapse of the Labour vote in Maidstone and Northway. And the general volatility.


Anonymous said...

I like Council elections........10% electorate turns out to vote to see which retired or unemployed candidate wants an extra £12.000 a year for winning

Slagella said...

£12.000 a year Bloody hell! I'll be traipsing down the hill to register my candidature! We have cocklepickers to deal with.

ba ba said...

I think UKIP is mostly ex tory and some pro-Britain ex-libs, while the BNP springs mostly from old labour with a dash of proud blue

Anonymous said...

And there you have it, from the horse's mouth: the BNP is a socialist party.

ba ba said...

Um, you didnt have that from the horses mouth, but dont let that discourage you from your boyish triumph.

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