Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Is Sociology At The Root Of Our Problems ?

" ... I certainly wouldn't say marriage is a cure for poverty - the cure is more money, but I do see the flight from marriage as problematic: what we see here is the cultural ambiguity of ..."

... with a cry of "For God's sake !" Laban reaches out and turns off The Moral Maze after only thirty seconds. The flat Northern vowels of Claire Fox are replaced with the gentle hum of the computer fan and the occasional slight bumping of a hard disk. Bliss.

As Schopenhauer said :

"Pleasure is simply the absence of pain".


Anonymous said...

I tried Radio 4 once. Let's leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

But if you'd just stuffed 'yer fingers in 'yer ears for the duration of that marxoid ramble, you would have got to hear the authentic voice of the great Dalrymple. Sounds awfully well bred - near lifetime in gaol?? - and had the ghastly Stephen Rose for dinner a couple of times.

Wonder though, how they got organised to cut up a new tory family policy proposal so quickly - within a couple of days? Just shows what AL BEEB can do when they really want to!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the root of our problems, but root of A-Level grade inflation? Oh yes.

Anonymous said...

I thought Melanie was on it this week

Anonymous said...


I strongly recommend that you listen to TD:

TD Makes his case very well, though he does present his argument as based on opinion rather than experience. The BBC fail to mention he has been a GP for many years. Why?

For more TD see: