Sunday, December 10, 2006

He's Moved

Expat Yank has gone Wordpress - six weeks ago. The trouble with relying on Bloglines is you don't notice the move - you just wonder why he's not posting.

Having a favourite blog undergo a makeover is like the wife returning from town with radical new hairstyle. You'll get used to it and grow to love it, but what was wrong with the way it was before ?


Anonymous said...

The blog looked good enough in Explorer, but I had discovered it wasn't looking right at all through other browsers like Firefox and Opera. But in trying to alter the template to accommodate those also, I discovered Blogger -- which I'd liked -- gave me great difficulty. Wordpress now seems to make ALL readers template happy.

Thanks for link Laban!

Anonymous said...

cos that's the way her boyfriend preferred it - bleedin' obvious.