Tuesday, November 14, 2006

All Publicity Is Good Publicity ?

It's not often that a blog gets linked by Instapundit and the BNP on the same day.

Any idea what the BNP equivalent of an Installanche is ? Anschluss ?

One or two BBC types suggested in the B-BBC comments that writing about the BBCs racially discriminatory news coverage is giving aid and comfort to the BNP.

I think a quote from the historian AJP Taylor is in order here. In the foreword to his 'Origins of the Second World War' he wrote :

I have however no sympathy with those in [Britain] who complained that my book had been welcomed, mistakenly or not, by former supporters of Hitler. This seems to me a disgraceful argument to be used against a work of history. A historian must not hesitate even if his books lend aid and comfort to the Queen's enemies (though mine did not), or even to the common enemies of mankind. For my part, I would even record facts which told in favour of the British government, if I found any to record.

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Anonymous said...

During the cartoon wars and the last Nick Griffin trail (February this year) I got links form Pickled Politics and Stormfront on the same day.