Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Thought They Were Good Catholics, Too

"Four Lithuanian men have been charged in connection with the abduction and rape of a Cambridgeshire woman.

Saulius Klisauskas, 30, Arunas Ancerys, 24, Vytautas Ancerys, 26, and Liudas Urbonas, 25, will appear before Huntingdon magistrates.

The men, who are all from the Wisbech area, each face two counts of rape and one count of kidnapping.

A 23-year-old woman reported an incident to police in Wisbech on 11 November."

Hmm. What with the unfortunate events in West Wales the other day ... there seems to be another side to the 'they're all young people without families who will return home' meme.

Martin Kelly reports on more Poles. He's your one-stop shop when it comes to foreign crimnals.


Martin said...

Thanks, Laban.

In the interests of balance, we do also sometimes do British criminals convicted overseas.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I've liked all the Polish people I've met, but even they were all completely bonkers.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure this Kelly fellow is a one stop shop for anything.

OT I know but he takes on Steyn (Pbuh)and falls er some way short of producing a killer counter argument re demographics

''Those who complain that the western birth rate is too low forget that this too may be subject to change - there could be a marked revival in the next five or ten years.''
'may be' and 'could' Is that it?
The fact that there hasn't been a 'marked revival' in the past 30 years is of no consequence I suppose

Martin said...


In the rules which I set out in order for offenders to be included in 'Foreign Criminal of the Day', I state quite clearly that,

"This archive is not intended to have the slightest statistical value. It is only a list of data that Dennis Mangan and myself have been able to record at particular points in time and space"

What are you writing about this hideous social problem, by the way?

Steyn is a good prose stylist, but his effusions are mostly candy floss. I've won his 'Letter of the Week' award, and have the great man's autograph sitting on my bookshelf.

At the moment the birthrate data seems to flow in the direction of Steyn's argument - my argument is that the culture may revive and the current trend may reverse.

Think of it as perhaps a change from the licentiousness and abandon of the Georgian era (now) to a (more Victorian) socially conservative future.

Anyone who has faith in Mark Steyn's skills as a futurologist should read this article he wrote for the 'Sunday Telegraph ' on June 1 2003

And without wishing to sound like a snark, if you're going to be patronise me could you please call me Mr. Kelly? People who use phrases like 'This Kelly fellow' or 'this man Kelly' make themselves sound like sub-editors on 'The Scottish Sun'.

Martin said...

The article can also be found by googling the phrase 'come on over, the water's lovely'

Anonymous said...

In the same week we have a suspended sentence for a kiddie-fiddler abusing a child, while a pensioner who quite rightly refuses to give up nearly 20% of his income to a rapacious council gets jailed.

The message is clear - we don't give a shit about your children, but if you try and upset our nice gravy train then we'll nail you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but saying something 'may' happen is not an argument.
It is an opinion. As you don't give us any reasons or examples why you think this may happen it falls into the wishful thinking category.

Your criticisms of Steyn merely serve to highlight the gulf between you two.

Good day Mr Kelly

Laban said...

Now then, gentlemen - best of order please ...

Anonymous said...

Four Lithuanian men have been charged in connection

Even if they hd previous convictions inLithuania entry cannot be denied if the convictions are spent..............that's the Treaty your politicians signed

Anonymous said...

Nesveiki jus patys Anglai