Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vote Fraud Update

Following the jailing of their biggest donor Michael Brown, two Lib Dem councillors face their electoral fraud trial.

The court was told that Burnley was part of an all- postal election experiment in 2004. Many voters in Daneshouse with Stoneyholm, which is mainly populated by people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin, had applied for a proxy to cast their vote for them, saying that they were going abroad.

“It was incredible really,” said Dr Taylor, who was then the borough’s chief executive. “There were that many people (195 - LT) all out of the country unable to get to a postbox during that period in particular. We only had 15 proxy applications for the whole of the rest of the borough — 14 wards.

“There were other concerns I had as well when I went through the forms. It seemed to me that there were a lot of similarities about the handwriting.”

Mr Ali, who held on to his seat, told police that his writing appeared on most forms because he had filled in details about voters on their behalf.

As you do.

This story gives little glimpses into the slow appeasement process.

In the council :

Under cross-examination by Paul Reid, QC, Mr Ali’s lawyer, Dr Taylor accepted that the area had experienced a large number of proxy applications when the council decided in 1999 to let Asian women cast absent votes for religious and cultural reasons.

I'd love to know if those reasons were documented. Not being allowed out of the house ? Enabling the husband to control the wife's vote ? Feminism - for whites only ?

And in the police :

As in previous years, most of the applications for proxies were delivered to the town hall just before the deadline. Labour handed in 28 and the Liberal Democrats 167.

Dr Taylor said that the council asked the police to investigate and gave copies of application forms to detectives. The police chose 12 people, all white, whose documents claimed that they were going on extended holidays. None had any intention of going away and the council disqualified their applications.

However, with the deadline upon it, police were unable to check the rest.

Oh, damn ! We've run out of time !

So Lancashire police, faced with 195 applications from an area "which is mainly populated by people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin" and 15 applications from the rest of the borough, chose to investigate 12 people called Smith.

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Anonymous said...

"So Lancashire police....chose to investigate 12 people called Smith."

Of course they did. No complaints of racial harassment, no 'community spokesmen' getting involved, no need for interpreters, halal food if banged up, etc

What, you expect the police to work for their money?

Anonymous said...

Try Bradford - so enthuasistic were that that the dead voted!

Anonymous said...

Hands up who wasnt surprised to learn the ethnic/religious background of one the immigration judges involved in the recent scandal.

That would be his *ahem* honour judge Khan.