Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Immigration Statistics

The Times, in January 2006.

A spokeswoman for the Commission for Racial Equality said: "Migrant and ethnic minority populations are still below 10 per cent".

Only until the native oldies have died, nursed by an NHS workforce 40% non-native (a Good Thing, don't forget).

From BBC News :

One in eight pupils at primary schools in England speaks English as a second language, official statistics show.

The figures also show the number of primary pupils classified as coming from minority ethnic groups increased from 19.3% in 2005 to 20.6% in 2006.

A similar trend was noted in secondary schools - 15.9% of pupils in 2005 were from minority ethnic groups, increasing to 16.8% in 2006.

I'll check out the DFES figures when I find them on their website - for some reason you have to search hard to find them.


Martin said...


Even should the spectre of geriatric wards stuffed to the gills with whites on their last legs come to pass, that still leaves a white population of 90%.

90% to 10% are not the sort of odds on which one should bet.

And who knows? We might be on the verge of a new Victorian era, with pregnancy regaining its status as a cause and not an effect.

Laban said...

Not really, Martin. That DOESN'T leave a native population of 90% (I prefer not to talk of white and non-white, as that puts natives and, say, Poles into the same box). If 20% of the babies being born are non-native, that implies 20% of old people will be non-native some 70 years down the line.

And if 20% of babies are being born now, to a non-native population of less than 10%, it seems likely that the proportion of non-native babies will be much higher as they (non-natives)continue to value children, and the task of rearing the next generation, more highly than the natives do. An example would be Bradford, where the population of Pakistani heritage is projected to triple between 1980 and 2010.

Compound interest is a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

This is especially gruesome given that, as a rule, as countries become richer, they have fewer children because they need fewer children. Although Indira Gandhi imposed some draconian measures of birth control as India's population continued to spiral and the food supply couldn't keep up, as India became more affluent, the affluent classes began having far fewer children of their own accord.

What is alarming is, this will not happen with the Pakistanis, who are breeding for allah. The Poles and other white immigrants will follow the normal curve of affluence, but the islamics will not. What's more, the Pakistanis are breeding an enormous number of children with birth defects. They account for 3% of the population, yet their births account for 30% of the birth defects recorded by the NHS. (This is due to first cousins marrying first cousins who are themselves products of first cousin marriages who are themselves ... for hundreds of years.

Add to this that all these large Pakistani families need support from the indigenous and integrated immigrant taxpayer. We are paying for our own murder.

Laban said...

I'm not convinced that we're "paying for our own murder", Verity. I have lived and worked alongside Muslims and got on fine. (I actually admire their religious faith and commitment, while recognising the dangers inherent therein).

But most ethnically divided nations have 'interesting' histories, no matter how nice or nasty individual members may be. I think that current immigration policy is leading us straight into very dangerous times.

Anonymous said...

Laban, you say you find Pakistanis pleasant to work among. And? Most people are quite pleasant to work among. It's part of the nature of the human race. We're pack animals. We try to get along with our pack which, at work, comprises our colleagues.

It's how far they're prepared to go to force their religion on other people that matters, and I'm sorry, islam is very hazardous to your health.

All this mass of "decent majority" islamics, bear in mind, does nothing to control the warriors for god, who are supposedly a "tiny minority". Why not? Because, underneath it all, they think the self-detonators are doing god's will.

Frankly, the "tiny minority" are not the jihadi yo-yos but the very brave people islamics who share information with the police. But that minority is tiny indeed.

Ross said...

Why is is it that ethnic statistics in this country divide the "asian" group in 3 or four constituant parts, "black" has three sub categories wheras "white" which is by far the largest group is considered one group?

Given that much recent immigration has been coming from white countries such as Albania, Romania and Russia it is hardly surprising that "whites" still make up over 90% of the population

Martin said...


Yes, compound interest is a wonderful thing, but so are cultures. Your analysis assumes that all factors at work in the culture now will remain forever so. That is not necessarily the case.

Gin Lane was before Victoria Regina. And one never knows, our pious and humble Muslim brethren might one day develop their own versions of 'Beyond the Fringe' and 'That Was The Week That Was' and hey presto! the collapse of Islamic culture is on the cards - inshallah!

Guessedworker said...

Amazing complacency on this thread still. Oh well ...

The English are a distinct people with their own homeland which is sacred to them alone. As any people, we have our own ethnic interest in self-preservation and self-advancement. The ethnic interests of non-natives run counter to ours. That explains everything when you possess the knowledge and honesty to look it in the face.

It means this: if we do not remove aliens of all types they WILL replace us. Replace ... not simply displace. 2060 is the now the fulcrum.

The question is, do you want to do anything about it? Or is it just more comfortable to put this ultimate interest - survival is a moral absolute - to the back of your minds. If so, you are abetting the other side.

Because complacency and ignorance among the English do not serve our ethnic interests they necessarily serve that of non-Natives. It is that Manichean, I am afraid. There is no nice, woolly middle way.

If you cannot see things in so stark terms yet it is only because you either not English or you are the creature of modernity.

How are doing, V? Nice to see you still battling away.

Anonymous said...

Martin - care to cite all these other places and times that an islamic population have turned away from their roots? Or is it something special here you are gambling on? And if your gamble doesnt pay off where does that leave us exactly?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:46, you've hit a six! "care to cite all these other places and times that an islamic population have turned away from their roots?"

These people, complacent as Permex refers to them, are whistling in the dark as a sombre islamic shadow spreads over Britain and Europe.

The idea that they're suddenly going to overturn this "religion" they've been brainwashed with since they were tots and this controlling diety they have to pray to FIVE TIMES A DAY all their lives, is wishful thinking. This five times a day deal ensures that they are either going to prayers, arranging to go to prayers, praying, or coming back from prayers. That's what islam is all about: thought control. Like Scientology but without the fun.

Anonymous said...

But its charactor that matters!

Anonymous said...

Dave - what do you mean?


Martin said...


You're dead right - which is why there should be no more Muslim immigration and if families wish to speak with each other they can buy phone cards, instead of migrating en masse over here.

I'm not 'relying' on anything - what I do think is that although Islam is bad for our health it is far, far too early to write off this culture as failed.

1940 followed hard on the heels of 1938, after all...

Anonymous said...


Where did you find the statistics you quote?(3% of population/30% of birth defects)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting this idea of a "native" population. What is a "native" I wonder? Especially since in the eighteenth century, 1 in 100 people in London was black and we are all descended from migrants from Africa 400,000 years ago (check out Swanscombe man) There is probably not a one of us "white" Britians that hasn't got some black blood in us somewhere along the line. Let alone Viking, Basque or Pict.

What are people so afraid of? Are we not secure enough in ourselves to learn the lessons of the past without continuing to breed prejudice and fear. I would like to think that my own children, who are a happy mix of cultures born to two people from different races who have loved each other for more than half their lives can grow up without being classed "native" or "non native", a term which I though went out with the Victorians. I work in London schools daily, where all the children get on extremely well, with no-one forcing anything on anyone else. Start to generalise and that's when the problem begins.

Anonymous said...

You know what, David Fordwych? I don't remember where I read every single fact and I suggest you google it for yourself. I have mentioned this on blogs several times and people always write in: "Ooooh! You didn't provide a link!" Can you imagine the thicket of links that people would have to wade through to read a comment if everyone backed up everything with a bloody link?

I think it was mentioned in The Times around six months ago. Try that. I'm not going to. Also, I wrote it wrongly when I said 3% of the population. I should have written that Pakistanis account for 3% of BIRTHS and 30% of birth defects in the NHS.

They marry first cousins who are themselves products of first cousin marriages for generations back into the mists of time. Incest has its price.

Anonymous said...

realme - Yes. I sensed a whiff of someone involved in the multiculti industry about you.

Guessedworker said...


The lesson to be learnt is yours. You don't belong in this, my country. You are here aggressing against my people's interests We have never been asked whether we want you here. On the contrary, our normal, healthy resistance is demonised and our views shunned by all post-war governments, lest the answer we give is not what they want to hear.

Since the dispossession, deracination and replacement that the Third World presence brings has never been legitimised by public consent it can never be permanent.

Our salvation requires your removal.

Anonymous said...


Hey! Calm down,calm down.

My question had no hostile intent.
It's just that I tried google before asking you and have now also tried The Times, but again no success.
So while I'm not doubting your statistic,I would still like to get verification from source,if anyone else has any ideas.

Anonymous said...

God! Talk about helpless!

Anne Cryer is an MP of an extremely mulsim area and she is trying to get first cousin marriages banned.

Anonymous said...


Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Verity your name is ironic.(Given that it means truth) You are also a very silly little/girl boy. Backwards and racist as hell.Can't you find something useful to do?
And Guessworker, a nice time warp back to Nazi Germany would do you a world of good. This is the 21st century.