Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sorry ...

So much news. Alas the Project From Hell is soaking up my time and energy.

The NatWest three. No-one's a stronger supporter of the Great Satan than I, but there is such a thing as fairness and reciprocity - something conspicuously lacking from the extradition treaty.

Lord Levy arrested. Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but politically damaging to NuLab. I bet the Zionist conspiracy is all over the Guardian comments.

Police force mergers, ID cards in trouble ? Huzzah !

I posted ages ago on the discrepancy between our rulers atttitudes to police and NHS recruitment. It's a Bad Thing for an ethnic minority population to be policed by people of a different race or culture, but a Good Thing, to be celebrated, for the natives to be nursed and doctored by people of a different race or culture.

The elderly population of this country are predominantly natives. I'm not sure why it's any less important to have people of your own culture nurse you when you're frail or dying than it is to have people of your own culture arrest you when you're young and fit.

There are bad and good people of all races, but if you tell people enough that it's all whitey's fault, you increase the likelihood of getting more stories like this. Not nice.

"Solicitors of a pensioner who received a five-figure payout after care workers allegedly force fed her talcum powder have welcomed the settlement.

Lucy Neal, 89, had allegedly been given the powder by care workers at her home in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Nordia Noteman, Maxine Davidson and Rosemarie Malvo, who worked for the Welcome Care Agency, were cleared of assault in February 2004.

The pensioner's lawyers said the agency admitted negligence in a civil action.

The five-figure settlement would help Mrs Neal overcome a "harrowing" experience and raise awareness for other people in a similar situation, her legal team said. "


Anonymous said...

I'm not usually in favour of the increasing litigiousness of the UK but in this case, I can only say....only five figures....?!

Anonymous said...

what if the colours had been the other way around?

racism, racism, racism!
'institutional' racism!

Anonymous said...

how on earth were they found "not guilty" of assault???

Anonymous said...

"how on earth were they found "not guilty" of assault???"

I'd wondered about that myself - presumably, the prosecution couldn't prove that the substance fed to the lady in the video was talc....?