Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hmmm ...

Maybe I just missed it - but I'm surprised the great Dalrymple - or any Brit bloggers I've read lately - haven't commented on this story - the sad end of Dianne Brimble, who boarded a P&O cruise ship with her twelve year old daughter, and within twenty-four hours was dead of a GHB overdose.

"Local media have shown photographs of a beaming Brimble boarding the ship in September 2002 with her then 12-year-old daughter, her sister and friends at the start of a South Pacific cruise for which she had saved for two years.

Within hours Brimble was lying naked and dead in the cabin of four men whose main concern was that the death of a woman one of them described as a "dog" had ruined their holiday."

A year after her death P&O were running this advert for the cruises.

Chiaroscouro wonders exactly what route we took to get here, and has the story links.

Long, thoughtful posting at The Thin Man blog. You have to read the whole thing, really.

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