Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Told You Blogging Was Light ...

Too light. I don't like it.

But alas it's 11.17 and I've only just finished printing off some bumph for a new contract with some new employers, I'm using the PC in the bedroom and my darling is hinting that she wants to get her head down. School holidays have begun and she's wiped out by 10 pm. At least I can get some rest at work !

What is annoying is that there's so much to blog about, from Tory Blair and his Blue Labour party to ...

A couple of things ... the BBC are, as befits good liberals who care about the vulnerable, in favour of killing unborn children - if that's what mummy wants. Pro-lifers are 'anti-abortionists', pro-abortionists are 'pro-choice' (note - I can do that, but my bias is open). If a pregnant woman is stabbed to death, headlines about her dead 'babies' get quickly changed.

But if baby girls are being killed at a different rate to baby boys ... we have an issue, sisters. Time to invent a new word, in the best traditions of homophobia and Islamophobia. Kill as many kids as you like ... but in an equal opportunities stylee, or you'll be guilty of ... FEMALE FOETICIDE !

I've blogged afore about the death of Welsh culture. Here are some sad testimonies from the front line. English refugees from crime and immigration, plus a few scallies bringing the former, aided by the A55 and M4, are destroying Welsh-speaking Wales. The retirees, and those seeking a peaceful place to raise children, are destroying the very culture that made the places peaceful.

I live in a very small village, and even though villages like Abersoch and Llanbedrog were Anglicised about 10 to 15 years ago, it is during the last five years that the greatest effect has been seen on Garnfadryn. In the last 2 - 5 years the village has died on its feet in terms of the Welsh language and community spirit. In the year 2000 alone, four houses, where elderly Welsh people had lived until their deaths, came on the market. Small wonder that the houses went to retired English people. The shop has already closed and there is talk that the Chapel will go the same way. I believe that what has happened recently is that houses in Abersoch, Mynytho, and Llanbedrog have been filled by English people and that people are beginning to discover other houses in places like Rhiw, Garnfadryn, Bryncroes and Tudweiliog. Penrhos can’t help being such a beautiful place, but I feel that it will die as a Welsh community if houses are not available for young people. Anyone who has walked through Aberdaron on a winter’s day knows that the situation is a heartbreaking one.

And here is this weekends Sunday Times property supplement (with pretty picture of Tenby on the front page), helping in the destruction.

"Wales is the new Cornwall"

In Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion, the area that begins where the M4 ends, the average price of a detached house is £100,000 less than the national average, according to the Land Registry. But figures from the Halifax show that prices increased by an average of 155% in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire between 2000 and 2005, compared to 125% in Devon and Cornwall.

A survey by the Office for National Statistics at the end of last year revealed that the southwest is no longer the top destination for internal migration. Bob Humphrey of Stacks, a property search agency, says: “Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire are the baby sisters of Devon and Cornwall. We are witnessing an increasing stream of holiday buyers and downsizers from west London and the West Midlands.”


The Happy Rampager said...

Kill as many kids as you like ... but in an equal opportunities stylee, or you'll be guilty of ... FEMALE FOETICIDE !

That meme strikes me as so easy to turn around on them. You could ask questions such as, 'hey, if aborting girl babies is female foeticide, would aborting babies regardless of gender be plain and simple foeticide?'

Anonymous said...

I saw, and noticed the same thing, I was almost shouting at the TV "I thought you were pro-choice".

Anonymous said...

Hi, just googled my hometown of Garnfadryn, and found the piece on your blog. I wrote that piece about 7 years ago.

Wow never thought it would gain further publicity.


Anonymous said...

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