Thursday, March 09, 2006

Too Good To Miss

From Eskimo Fox in the comments :

Baa baa rainbow sheep
Have you any wool ?
Yes sir and/or madam
Sixteen kilos full

One for the ethnic minorities,
One for the differently abled,
And the rest for the persons of unknown status
Who should not, at present, be labelled.

Relating to this story about this charity with this idiotic mission statement.


Anonymous said...

The story may not be true though.

PACT claim in a news item on their website:

"PACT has established that children at the two Family Centres mentioned in the press sing a variety of descriptive words in the nursery rhyme to turn the song into an action rhyme. They sing 'happy', 'sad', 'bouncing', 'hopping', 'pink', 'blue', 'black' and 'white' sheep etc. and they also exchange 'boy' and 'girl' at the end of the rhyme. This encourages the children to extend their vocabulary and use up some energy.

PACT does not have a policy to change the words of nursery rhymes to conform to notions of political correctness but we are mindful of the use of language and the changes of usage which make some rhymes more acceptable than others, that said 'black sheep' are not words that we find difficult!"

'Political Correctness Gone Mad!' stories fall into three categories:

Those which are completely made up, eg Islington Council replacing 'manhole' with 'pipe inspection space';

Those which are exaggerated, eg Birmingham City Council's dismal 'Winterval', which many people seem to think still exists, but in fact was only foisted once on hapless Brummies; and

Those which are true, eg the clot who forbade 'Three Little Pigs' to nursery schoolchildren lest Muslims find it offensive.

I don't know which one the rainbow sheep story belongs to. Perhaps the Daily Express etc used selective quotes and half-truths to make a story. Perhaps PACT are simply back-pedalling furiously.

Anonymous said...

at the end of that BBC story:

"The guidelines by education chiefs at Birmingham City Council were dropped after black parents condemned the advice as ridiculous. "

indeed. common sense prevailed thank god.

which begs the question - who are these idiots running education policy?

Anonymous said...

In the '80s there were often stories of loony left councils banning black bin liners and the like. Most turned out to be mythical but now instead of taking those examples as useful warnings loony lefties are really doing them.

DJ said...

Indeed, Leftists are notoriously for adopting cheat & retreat tactics, whereby they bring in an insane policy, get busted, then stubbornly insist that it was actually an unauthorised action by a junior employee. But if there really are 'lone gunmen' hijacking the power of government and public money to carry out their own unauthorised agenda, how come none of them ever get disciplined ?