Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tax Avoiders Unite In Defence Of The Jowell Family Inc.

This has been the main Radio 4 news story for the last few hours - David Miliband's defence of the Jowells.

Mr Miliband, cabinet minister for local government, said: "The best and biggest test for any cabinet minister is whether they are good at their job.

"And what has been remarkable about the last three or four weeks is that no one at any stage has said anything but that she is doing an outstanding job.

"Anyone who knows Tessa Jowell and her husband will know that they are a devoted couple with a family anyone would be proud of.

"One can only imagine the anguish they have being going through that has led them to the decision they took."

I guess there must be a deal of fellow-feeling there, as while he may not be up there with a pro like David Mills, he's no slouch on the tax avoidance front himself.

"David Miliband, the schools minister, and his brother Ed, the chancellor’s economic adviser, are set to avoid paying thousands of pounds in tax through an Inland Revenue loophole which the Labour party pledged to close. "

The Sunday Times has learnt that after Ralph Miliband, the Marxist father of David and Ed, died in 1994, he transferred almost all his assets, including homes in London and Oxfordshire, to his wife.

However, after taking professional advice, the family is understood to have posthumously rewritten his will to give 20% of the London home to both David and Ed.

David has declared a “20% share of family home in London” on the MPs’ register of interests since 2002.

This scheme is called a “deed of variation” and was highlighted by the chancellor in opposition as an unacceptable way in which the wealthy avoid paying death duties.

Paying tax ? That's for the little people. Oh, and don't forget to shop that cash-only plumber, will you ?

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Anonymous said...

"The best and biggest test for any cabinet minister is whether they are good at their job".
Now who was it who made the trains run on time? Good at his job?
('nother Italian connection...)