Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sharp Wit

The BBC celebrate the late Labour MP Tony Banks, "known for acid tongue and sharp wit", who "will be remembered for his hilarious insults"

"Tory MP, Terry Dicks, was dismissed as "living proof that a pig's bladder on the end of a stick can be elected to Parliament".

The former sports minister, who became Lord Stratford last year, showed reputations did not intimidate him when he accused Lady Thatcher of having "the sensitivity of a sex-starved boa-constrictor" during a Commons debate.

He added to that by calling the former Prime Minister a "half mad old bag lady" on another occasion.

Former Chancellor Kenneth Clarke was "a pot-bellied old soak" while another former Prime Minister John Major was "so unpopular, if he became a funeral director people would stop dying".

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats were "woolly-hatted, muesli-eating, Tory lick-spittles"."

Just let me pick myself up off the floor - that is so funny.

First Ronnie Barker. Then Richard Pryor.

Now another comic genius has left us.

UPDATE - perfect comment on the BBC 'Have Your Say' page.

"He had the courage of his prejudices, and he tolerated that of which he approved".


staghounds said...

Such cleverness. Who else could have come up with "mad old bag lady"?

Anonymous said...

Oscar Wilde lives, or doesn't as the case may be.

Anonymous said...

Hailed as a Lord amongst wits when merely a wit amongst Lords

Anonymous said...

and to think that some people say that the left are unable to construct an argument

Anonymous said...

Another socialist bites the dust ... time for the Happy Dance?
Nuff said

Laban said...

I wouldn't call Tony Banks a socialist. When did he last call for workers ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange ?

Bystander said...

The British have a special place in their hearts for self centred immature and irresponsible politicians. They retain their reputation for integrity "oh yes, he says what he thinks" by avoiding all responsibility for actually gettting anything done. Disloyalty to party is a sine qua non.

TB was a lightweight dilettante who achieved nothing in politics.

Martin said...


His obituary in the 'Telegraph' gave the game away.

He was the grammar-school edcuated son of a former First Secretary in our Warsaw embassy.