Friday, January 13, 2006

David Aaronovitch Blog ...

One of those Times-type blogs with pre-moderated comments, but nonetheless a welcome sight.

Great comment by Matt Murrell (who blogs here).

"Most blogs by professional writers tend to give up on them in the end - there's just too many people out there who view it as a chance to exercise (my emboldening - LT) their own personal demons."

Picture of man taking one of Satan's little imps for a morning stroll.

Matt is an English graduate. I wonder if he thinks that standards aren't declining ?


Anonymous said...

Curse of the spellchecker perhaps.

Matt M said...

What can I say? Slip of the keyboard.

Though in my defence, you would have thought that a moderated blog, on the Times website, might have picked up on it and made a slight alteration. However, I accept full responsibility for my appalling grasp of English. It reflects more on myself than my teachers, believe me.

If you want a decent analysis of the works of James Joyce though, I’m your man!.

Matt M said...

Nice blog by-the-way.

Gary Monro said...

Relax Matt and live a little.

No need to join LT preying at the alter of gramatical pedentry.

Matt M said...

Just noticed I wrote "there's" when it should be "there're" as well.

Obviously wasn't my day.

Anonymous said...

Matt, was it Chaucerian English you learnt?

WTF is ''there're''?

Matt M said...

It's the plural of "there's" ("there are" as opposed to "there is"). Most people (mistakenly) just use the singular. Which is why it seems strange.