Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ian Blair - Seventies Throwback

For every believable thing Ian Blair says :

"we’re picking up from lots of people that they’re very frightened. There is another side to it, though. Who are the people who are frightened? People who previously had lives which were broadly exempt from crime are now finding crime coming to them. "

He says something utterly stupid :

"If you’re not broadly against the police when you’re a teenager, you’re not much of a teenager."

Yeah, man - off the pigs !


Anonymous said...

The man really is an utter twat.

Anonymous said...

He strikes me as a "trendy teacher"; desperate to be with it by mouthing what he imagines to be the opinions of his pupils.

Anonymous said...

If this is the face of modern policing we may as well retire to our bunkers now. Doesn't the man know that anyone regardless of their background ( ethnicity, colour etc )wants to walk down the street without fear of being intimidated, sexually harassed, etc. If you do the crime you do the time. There are no extenuating circumstances. Get policing and don't make excuses for those who would reduce society to the law of the jungle.

Serf said...

Personally I was very pro police as a teenager. It was getting a little older and wiser that enabled me to see that the police are flawed just like the rest of the state.

Either that or they were a lot better back then?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't anti-police when I was a teenager.

They didn't like me very much though!

Anonymous said...

All my brushes with the law have been fine. I suppose I've been lucky. Lucky never to have met this idiot.
Presumably he was fast tracked to the top, but it's interesting to speculate what might have happened had one been stopped for speeding by a youthful Blair.
I used to drive a white Rover, would he have described it as institutionally racist?