Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bar Steward

Radio Four appointed a new controller last year. Like all new managers, he feels the need to change something for the sake of it. After all, that's what managers do - they manage change.

He's dropping the Radio Four theme. People aren't very pleased.

A Christian should not invoke the Black Arts, though there are precedents. But if anyone in the Great Wen can obtain some hair or nail clippings, a journey to the Wise Woman on Putney Heath might be in order. A fifty-guinea curse (with oak leaf clusters) should get his nails oozing blood over his Blackberry and his latte turning to ash in his throat. May 1,000 rent boys do to him whatever it is that rent boys do !

Resistance is not lacking, and is led by this excellent site. If you're never up at 5.30 am or don't listen to Radio Four, this is what I'm talking about - a fine blend of Brit folk themes (isn't 'Annie Laurie' in there just after Danny Boy ?), doomed apparently to be replaced by 'a discussion of the Whitbread Prize' (RealAudio). If I want to listen to some pseuds discussing a crap book, what's wrong with Front Row ?

It's enough to make me stop paying the "license fee" aka compulsory propaganda tax , which is increasing above the inflation rate again.

Doubtless Mr Damn Asser's succesor will bring a theme back in a year or two. Only it'll sound like this (2 meg mp3).

UPDATE - the correspondents to the BBC boards have got it right. For those of us who aren't normally early risers, the tune has memories. Early morning rising for long journeys, holidays, interviews. The end of a sleepless night wondering whether the error you found at 9 pm last night has just cost the company half a million. Babies' feeding time. Mallaig quayside after an overnight drive. Yeovil to Dorchester in the dawn, heading for the Weymouth ferry.

I don't even think M*** D****** has got Home Truths right. Couldn't stand it myself, but David Stafford filled Peel's comfy shoes remarkably well. How about scrapping Midweek and that circle of programmes featuring the same half dozen people - The Message, Front Row, A Good Read ?

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