Sunday, November 13, 2005

Scary ...

BBC's Radio 4 Analysis (RealAudio, 'til Thursday).

Now I'm not against all aspects of political Islam - that Sayyed Qutb talks a lot of sense - but what scared me were the interviews with students at London's School of African and Oriental Studies (SAOS), a place which the Magna Mater calls the School of Orchestrated Anti-Semitism.

Asked about the terrorist attacks in Iraq, Muslim students pointed out that it was quite possible that the bombings were being carried out by the British and Americans. I paraphrase :

"Why would they want to do that ?"

"To give them a reason to stay in Iraq"

What about the attacks by al-Zarqawi's group on Shia Muslims ?

"To me, they're not Sunni or Shia - they're Muslims. We don't believe in dividing them into different groups"

"But al-Zarquawi has declared war on the Shia"

"We don't necessarily believe everything we hear reported from Iraq. We know that divide and rule is the technique the British Empire used"

They've been taught that, as have two generations of university students and a generation of schoolchildren. You should see my son's school history texts. As Dalrymple said only the other day, British Islamism is a potent cocktail of Islamnic grievance with Brit liberal guilt. Ideas have consequences.

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