Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bradford Robbery And Murder

Poor girl. And her poor children.

Sharon Beshendsky, 38, a mother of three children and two stepchildren, was killed on her youngest son's fourth birthday. (The BBC have since changed 'son' to daughter').

Two probationers together ? Couldn't they have had some brawny Tyke with them ? Morley Street is only a stone's throw from Bradford police HQ.

I didn't know travel agents had much cash on them - I'm pretty sure Lunn Poly wouldn't be much of a target. It was after a Bradford travel agency robbery that the heroic Tasawar Hussain was killed.

Hawala ? Just a thought - but even then that wouldn't necessarily imply cash on the premises. It's a wonderful system, based on trust - which you don't find a lot of in UK retail finance. A comprehensive guide here - and that doesn't imply it's all about laundering money. Lots of things can be put to good or bad uses.

UPDATE - the Mirror reports :

"Businessmen claim there could have been thousands of pounds in the shop which offers a service transferring cash to friends and relatives in Pakistan."

And Tasawar Hussein's killers had robbed a Lumb Lane travel agency of £40,000 in cash.

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