Thursday, September 22, 2005

Large Fries Please, With An IUD To Go And Extra Condoms

Huzzah For Angela Star (warning - unintentionally amusing Powerpoint presentation), The Sexual Health Nurse Of The Year !

And her innovative approach to combatting the evils of teenage pregnancy.

The boss of a health trust has backed a nurse who gave a contraceptive injection to a schoolgirl in the toilet of a McDonald's restaurant.

Bob Smith, chief executive of Gateshead Primary Care Trust, said Mrs Star was attempting to engage with girls who would otherwise not seek help.

Mrs Star told a Royal College of Nursing conference in Belfast that she was forced to take radical steps to tackle high teenager pregnancy rates in Gateshead.

She was not available for comment, or to clarify the exact circumstances surrounding the case.

A spokeswoman for McDonald's said: "We were completely unaware of this situation and are deeply disappointed and believe it to be completely inappropriate that we were not approached or consulted by either Angela Star or the NHS Trust."

The doubtless richly-deserved award is a joint venture between the National Association of Nurses for Contraception and Sexual Health and a company called Durbin PLC.

You'd never guess what they sell for a living.

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