Monday, September 19, 2005

Gary Younge ...

"the more contact you have with different races, religions and ethnicities, the less potential there is for stereotyping and dehumanising those different from yourself"

This lady should be alright then.

UPDATE - I've not had much to say about Trevor Phillips' 'ghetto crisis' as I'm not sure we're seeing anything but the effects of increased immigration. I don't know why it should be such a shock.

The number of people of Pakistani heritage in ghettos, which he defines as those with more than two-thirds of any one ethnicity, trebled between 1991 and 2001. In Bradford, 13.3% now live in such communities compared with 4.3% in 1991; in Leicester it has risen from 10.8% to 13.3%.

Well, that's what you'd expect if a) there are a lot more people arriving b) the people already here are having lots of babies and c) the natives are leaving.

He also has concerns about white working-class ghettos in places such as Barking, Essex, and parts of Yorkshire.

Well what about Scotland, then ? The whole place is one giant white ghetto. And as befits the most violent estate in the most violent developed nation, Easterhouse is the most hideously white place of all.

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