Friday, July 08, 2005

Anti-Racist Action

Excellent news from Oldham :

Following the General Election success against the BNP, Oldham is aiming to drive out any lingering pockets of racism.

In a two-pronged plan, action will now be stepped up to protect Asian taxi drivers and the borough’s mosques.

I like the "lingering pockets" - reminiscent of the Python Festival Hall sketch where the classical concert ends with "and as fighters swoop down to bomb the last pockets of resistance, we go on to the next part of our program".

Perhaps they could add a third prong and protect the pubs. Also from Oldham :

A Landlord claims he is under siege after an eighth attack on his pub in just two years.

A gang of youths caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage by smashing windows at the front of the Weavers’ Arms in two attacks in the space of 48 hours. It is thought they used an airgun.

These latest incidents are further blows for 41-year-old landlord Paul Marcroft, who says youths have lobbed fireworks and bricks at the Ashfield Road, Deeplish, pub.

The attacks have become such a threat that his family were even forced to flee the pub two years ago when his daughter, Stephanie, was hit by a brick lobbed through a first-floor window.

“It is getting ridiculous,” said Mr Marcroft, who has been in the pub for four years.

“We’ve now had to report eight attacks, during one of which my daughter, who was only two at the time, had to be taken to hospital.

Police say they are now searching for a gang of Asian boys, thought to be aged between 15 and 18, who targeted the pub at about 8.30pm on Thursday and 7.45pm on Saturday.

During the riots of 2001 at least 5 Oldham pubs were burned out by firebombs.

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